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Gracias a Solnaturaleza, desaparecieron mis migrañas.

Gracias a Solnaturaleza, desaparecieron mis migrañas.

“For months I was listening to Miguel Ángel on the radio, wanting to meet him personally. I felt very tired and had very bad migraines during the day. I have been trying many products to improve my health problems, but I could not find a solution and I had practically lost hope.

I approached Solnaturaleza for a Dark Field Microscope consultation, and in addition to finding the solution I was looking for, I can say that I gained knowledge about natural health. Miguel Ángel made an improvement plan, with changes in diet and nutraceuticals from the center. I started taking Alkimia and Novaflora, two ideal products to purify the body and regain energy.

In just a few days, the migraines were gone, I was able to sleep peacefully, and I had tons of energy like never before. I have been extremely pleased because I achieved with Solnaturaleza, in just months, what never before, testing a thousand products without results. "

Manuela Fernández Moreno, September-2019.